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Watch: Kristen Wiig is sorry for that time she slipped Seth Meyers LSD

Look, who among us hasn’t done something thoughtless to a friend, something we later regretted? Like failing to use a coaster at their house, or secretly dosing them with LSD?

Kristen Wiig and Seth Meyers have been friends for 10 years, which means they have a lot of accumulated slights piled up. So on Thursday’s episode of Late Night, the former Saturday Night Live co-stars decided to forgive each other. Sitting in a circle of candles, as wind chimes tinkled in the background, the two confessed their sins to each other.

They fell back easily into their old comedic rhythms. Meyers played straight man, apologizing for taking a few days to respond to Wiig’s emails, canceling plans, stealing her headphones, and failing to use a coaster. Wiig brought all her unhinged intensity to bear as she twitched at the mere thought of that unused coaster (it was right there on the table!). Meanwhile, she apologized for thinking Meyers’s name was Beth Miyerrhzzz, licensing his name to a Japanese impotence drink, secretly giving him LSD, and shooting him in the face with a water gun.

It’s the kind of cringey, awkward comedy that Wiig perfected on SNL, and it delighted both her and Meyers so much that they are on the verge of breaking from about the 4:30 mark until the end of the video. But that’s okay: We forgive them.

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