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Elisabeth Murdoch’s media company just launched a men’s lifestyle brand on Snapchat

The new channel, called “Brother,” is tailored toward millennial men.


Snapchat has collected another new publisher: Vertical Networks, a U.K.-based media company run by Elisabeth Murdoch, the daughter of 21st Century Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

Vertical Networks launched a Snapchat Discover channel Friday called “Brother,” a new lifestyle brand specifically for millennial men. Brother is Vertical Networks’s first brand and, as of Friday, it only exists on Snapchat.

This isn’t entirely new. Business Insider reported back in April that Brother was coming to Snapchat, but it was delayed.

What makes this channel different from Discover’s existing lineup of publishers, though, is that it’s a Snapchat-only media brand. (At least for now — Brother will likely move onto other platforms at some point down the road, too.) ‘‘Sweet,” a Discover channel operated by Hearst, is the only other content play native to Snapchat, and it launched last November.

Worth noting here is that Snapchat is actually an investor in Murdoch’s Vertical Networks, according to sources, owning somewhere around 40 percent of the company. That might explain why Snapchat is helping Brother create programming for the channel.

So now Snapchat has two exclusive brands, and sources say it wants even more exclusive content. To get that content, the company is talking with publishers about a potential new product called Snapchat Shows, which sound like short-form, made-for-Snapchat TV shows, according to a number of sources.

Snapchat already offers one of these shows called “Good Luck America,” a politics show created by former CNN political journalist Peter Hamby, and wants more in that same vein. The general idea is to get more original video content onto Snapchat.

Brother will be live inside Snapchat each week from Friday through Sunday. Eventually it will publish a full seven days per week.

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