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Billionaire investor Peter Thiel lands a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention

The Facebook board member will speak on the same night as Trump and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Venture capitalist and Facebook board member Peter Thiel now has something to show for all his support of Donald Trump’s candidacy: A speaking slot at the Republican National Convention.

The Silicon Valley entrepreneur will speak on the fourth night of the convention in Cleveland, the same night as former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Trump himself.

A Thiel spokesperson confirmed the appearance, but did not provide details about Thiel’s planned remarks.

Thiel has been largely isolated in Silicon Valley in backing the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, whom many in the tech community have openly criticized for his stands on immigration and women (among other issues). Thiel's appearance will also be of great interest to Gawker Media's employees.

We don’t know whether or not Facebook, where Thiel has been a board member since 2005, had any say in Thiel’s decision to speak at the RNC — though the company will have a major presence at both the Republican and Democratic conventions. We’ve reached out for comment and will update this story if and when we hear back.

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