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Japanese researchers have built a tiny robot hellhound powered by compressed gas

This is Pneu-Hound.

Adaptive Robotics Lab

The casual observer might think that Google-owned (and soon to be sold) Boston Dynamics has cornered the market on nightmare dog robots.

Not true! For instance, here’s Pneu-Hound, a small robot dog created by a team of researchers at Osaka University.

What makes Pneu-Hound special is the first syllable in its name, which is short for “pneumatics,” or a system of engineering that deploys compressed air and/or other “inert gases.” It’s like hydraulics in a car, but with gas instead of liquid. Those tubes you see coming out of Pneu-Hound’s, uh, butt area are what power the robotic rapscallion’s artificial “air muscles.”

For comparison, Boston Dynamic’s recent robot pup, SpotMini, is all-electric. BD’s other, larger robots use hydraulic power, but SpotMini doesn’t require the substantial energy that comes from liquid power.

For the moment, however, pneumatics are much more common in location-fixed robots, like this humanoid robot that doubles as a mall info kiosk lady in Japan.

Pneu-Hound’s butt tubes are a good reason why.

H/T: Gizmodo

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