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A jaw-dropping lawsuit could tear apart a Hyperloop startup | Recode Daily: July 13, 2016

This could get really messy.

David Becker/Getty Images

.Startups are hard, and ones involving brand-new experimental tech are even harder. But Hyperloop's biggest challenge may be infighting between its leaders. Brogan BamBrogan, the recently ousted co-founder of Hyperloop One, has sued his former company, alleging that its CEO and some investors have breached their fiduciary duties and were generally unpleasant people. For example, Brogan says that a company lawyer — who is also the brother of company investor Shervin Pishevar — left a noose on Brogan's desk.
[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode]

.European Union officials have approved a long-awaited data sharing agreement that will allow U.S. companies to store European user data in the United States, allowing for certain privacy protections for EU users. What might freak out Silicon Valley is whether a European court ultimately overturns the pact.
[Mark Scott | The New York Times]

.SoFi is the most well-funded and well-known private online lending startup, and the massive slump in the sector has the company completely reevaluating its strategy. It's now considering turning into a "normal" online retail bank — which is the exact thing its founder swore he didn't want it to become.
[Peter Rudegeair and Telis Demos | The Wall Street Journal]

.Niantic Labs, the startup behind Pokémon Go, used to be an in-house project at Google. Why did Niantic leave the mothership? A likely reason is Google's skittishness about inking deals with partners like Nintendo, whose branding and IP are ultimately what delivered Niantic its hit game.
[Mark Bergen | Recode]

.Yesterday was Prime Day, the made-up Amazon holiday where the company sells a bunch of stuff at dirt-cheap prices to Prime members. Though there were some technical issues, the company says the day ended fine. But sales numbers aren't the whole story: What's important for Amazon is that it gets a lot of attention for Prime (a big moneymaker) during a slow news summer.
[Spencer Soper and Nicole Piper | Bloomberg]

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Now it’s your turn to respond, Taylor Swift.
By Peter Kafka
Remember webisodes? This is like that, but ABC says it will work this time.
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Five simple rules for being in polite society.
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What’s Twitter doing with its six-second video app?
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On July 14, the FCC will initiate a formal rulemaking that will make the U.S. the first country in the world to open high-band spectrum for 5G networks and technologies.
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With the deal, LinkedIn is handing over its Mountain View headquarters.
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Each Trump statement is punctuated by the same reaction: WTF?
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Twitter will stream three Bloomberg shows, including "Bloomberg West."
A reporter went to a rich woman's New Age spirituality summer camp kind of thing in California. Her write-up for Harper's Bazaar is absolutely insane. A sample: "Someone asks Liv, 'What can we do to help the little people?' More chipmunks-style noises from Liv as she asks them. 'Long ago a split happened between the little people and the tribes,' she translates. 'Reparations need to happen.'"

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