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Pro-Clinton super PAC releases six new ‘Stop Trump’ ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pandora

Each Trump statement is punctuated by the same reaction: WTF?

Pro-Clinton Priorities USA Stop Trump Campaign releases new digital attack ads.
Priorities USA

A pro-Clinton super PAC today released six new digital ads that attack Donald Trump’s positions on women, immigration, the environment and more, targeting voters in nine swing states.

Priorities USA said it will spend half a million dollars on a campaign that uses the candidate’s own words against him, with each provocative comment punctuated by animated characters reacting in the same incredulous way: “WTF?”

The 15-second spots, to appear on Facebook, Instagram and Pandora, push the narrative that Trump is too divisive and dangerous to be president. They’re going live on the day when Trump is expected to announce his vice presidential running mate.

“Whether it’s his plan to punish women for having abortions, rip families apart with a deportation force or his belief that climate change is a hoax, he is uniquely unfit to lead the country,” said Priorities USA spokesperson Justin Barasky.

The ads, four of which were released in partnership with Planned Parenthood Votes, LCV Victory Fund, Latino Victory Fund and Emily’s List Women Vote, will run through the summer.

Here’s a sample:

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