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The SEC has questions for Tesla and Elon Musk

Should they have told investors about that fatal self-driving car crash earlier?


.After Fortune called to attention the fact that Elon Musk didn't notify shareholders about that fatal self-driving car crash, Musk and Tesla aggressively pushed back. Now the SEC is looking into the incident, and the whole self-driving industry is paying close attention to the investigation.
[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode]

.Over the last months, most of Vine's top executives have left the company. External counters, like comScore, say the video service's reach has shrunk; internal sources say the same thing. Twitter, which owns Vine, says Vine is important to its future, but Twitter has its own problems to solve.
[Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.Twitter has been making a big push to get its hands on live video it can show its users. The latest deal, via a pact with CBS: It will stream a feed from CBSN — the network's free 24-hour digital service — during the Democratic and Republican conventions.
[Kurt Wagner| Recode]

.On Monday, reports surfaced suggesting that Pokémon Go's full access to users' Google accounts might pose a serious privacy risk. On Monday night, Pokémon Go maker Niantic Labs said that the full access requirement was an "error," the app only uses "basic" information and that the company is working with Google on a fix. Here's a rundown of Recode's other Pokémon coverage, including the return of that horrible theme song.

[Mark Bergen and Noah Kulwin | Recode]

.After an extremely slow start to the year, another tech company is poking at an IPO. This time it's cloud software startup Coupa, which scored a billion dollar valuation last summer. Perhaps Twilio's highly successful public offering is changing some minds.
[Liana B. Baker | Reuters]

By Dawn Chmielewski
The company needs "to be straight with consumers in their online ad campaigns."
By Peter Kafka
It’s an on-demand world, but the entertainment business wants you watching stuff on its schedule.
By Noah Kulwin
There are already 55,000 scheduled guests across 35,000 listings.
By Johana Bhuiyan
The average taxi driver makes about twice the number of weekly trips that an Uber driver does.
By Noah Kulwin
Most Turkers make less than $5 an hour. Some Uber drivers earn $13.25 an hour on average.
By Kurt Wagner
Details on how it will work — and whether Twitter gets paid — are still being ironed out.
When David Cameron resigned, he hummed a little song to himself (and into the hot mic on his lapel) as he walked away from the podium. It was cartoonish and delightful. Gawker made a weird remix. A fitting coda to this zany chapter of Brexit mania. Onto the new British PM, Theresa May, who once created government-sanctioned "go home vans" to tell British immigrants to go back to their home countries.

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