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One downside to the Pokémon Go craze is that everyone is listening to the terrible Pokémon theme song again

Enjoy the game! But not the music.

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You know those stories where something big happens in the news and it is related to music, and then it turns out that people have listened to that music a lot in the last week because of the news?

This is one of those.

Pokémon Go, which as you know is a (good! fun!) thing, has spurred Spotify users to listen to the Pokémon theme song and other terrible Pokémon songs.

And let’s be clear: This is godawful music. The only reason you’d want to listen to it is because you are either a little kid who is really into Pokémon, or you are an adult who used to be into Pokémon and is now listening to it for nostalgic reasons.

Little kids generally don’t have access to Spotify playlists. My kids, for instance, have to ask me to play songs like the horrible Pokémon theme song for them.

So this is squarely on you, millennials. You’re the ones who have increased plays of the horrible "Gotta Catch ‘Em All" theme song 362 percent on Spotify in the past week.

So there you go. Please stop now.

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