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Airbnb is going to cash in on the disastrous Rio Olympics

There are already 55,000 scheduled guests across 35,000 listings.

Buda Mendes / Getty

The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics appear to be in a very bad way before the event has even started.

What, Airbnb worry?

According to data provided by the company, the $30 billion short-term home rental service says it already has 35,000 active listings and 55,000 scheduled guests for the festivities in Brazil. Airbnb operates about 90,000 listings in Brazil as a whole.

For context, Airbnb had about 41,000 active listings in New York City as of June 1; New York has about 8.4 million residents, and Rio has about 6.3 million.

The company says 49 percent of its bookings were made by Brazilian travelers, and the average price per listing is about $170 a night. There’s been a 33 percent spike in active listings across the “greater Rio de Janeiro” area over the past three months, and 62 percent of these hosts are first-timers setting up shop for the Olympics.

And while Airbnb should make a tidy sum from the Olympics, the company is working to squelch troubles back home in the United States.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering whether to quash state legislation that would restrict Airbnb’s ability to advertise listings, and the company is suing the city of San Francisco over regulations passed by the local government last month.

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