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Updated: ‘Mr. Robot’ returns this week — here’s how to get caught up

Season 2 debuts on Wednesday night (but you can watch the premiere on Twitter now).

USA Network

Update the second: The streaming window has closed, so the tweet below has been deleted and the link will no longer work.

Update: Surprise! Looks like the folks over at USA Network didn’t want to wait until Wednesday after all. They just published the Season 2 premiere of “Mr. Robot” directly to Twitter. You can watch it from this tweet:

We have released the #mrrobot season_2.0 Premiere early, but it won't be here long. Watch while you can, friends.

— Mr. Robot (@whoismrrobot) July 11, 2016

Earlier: Last summer, a bunch of fictitious computer hackers set out to take down one of the biggest tech companies controlling their fictitious world.

That was in USA Network’s popular TV show “Mr. Robot,” and the plot was a hit, especially for those in tech. The idea of hackers going after the big, evil corporate giant was just too real. Perhaps you recall the Sony hack from late 2014. Or that the Twitter accounts of a number of high-profile execs, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, have been hacked in the last few months. Cyber security is a major issue in the real world, and the focus on hacking in the show certainly hit home.

The result: “Mr. Robot” was green-lighted for a second season, which starts Wednesday night.

If you’re already a fan of the show, you probably only need two things:

  • This teaser trailer that “Mr. Robot” shared to its Facebook page Thursday afternoon — it was broadcast live, but you can still watch it now:
  • You can also watch this six-minute Season 1 recap on the USA Network website:
  • Okay, maybe you should also check out this story in the New York Times that takes a deeper look at Rami Malek, the show’s star, who plays lead character Elliot Alderson. (Warning: Season 1 spoilers.)

If you’re new to “Mr. Robot,” it’s not too late to catch up entirely. Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime, which acquired the exclusive streaming rights to the show last fall.

And if all of that isn’t enough, here’s the official Season 2 trailer, released back in May:

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