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Now you can send your sweetie a kiss just by smooching your phone

Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido created a mobile app to allow distant paramours to share a smooch.


We all love our smartphones, but would you really want to kiss your screen?

Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido hopes so. It has a new promotion designed to let two people kiss each other by picking out one of 16 red lipstick shades and then puckering up to their smartphones.

The result is a morphed illustration kind of like the one below resulting from when I kissed Meghann, our engagement editor.

To kiss, users just have to visit a mobile website and then text or otherwise message a custom link to the person they want to kiss.

For those who don’t have any friends, there is a sad, small, lonely “kiss by yourself” button. (PSA: Before you kiss your screen you might want to wipe it down first.)

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