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The Daily Show talked to Bernie-turned-Trump supporters. It was … horrifying.

What would drive someone to go from supporting Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary to supporting Donald Trump in the general election? In her last segment as a Daily Show correspondent, Jessica Williams asked the question to a group of Sanders-turned-Trump supporters.

There was only one consistently plausible answer: a deep dislike of Hillary Clinton. After decades in the political and public spotlight, Clinton has gained a lot of haters — and it shows.

Trump "is a bigot and a racist," one Sanders-turned-Trump supporter said, "however, Hillary has been a scam artist all her life. And I hope the FBI comes and indicts her."

"Hillary Clinton is just a stack of garbage," another said.

The group’s other arguments just didn’t hold up. When Williams asked what Sanders and Trump have in common, one woman said neither have a Super PAC, even though Trump does. One man responded that Sanders and Trump are both old, don’t have hair (wut?), and want to be president.

When asked about policy views, one man insisted that Sanders and Clinton are "totally opposite." When Williams asked whether Sanders and Trump also have totally opposite views, the man refused to say they did — and simply smirked.

"This is not a robot short circuiting," Williams said, clearly exasperated. "These are real people who are going to vote."

Later on in the show, The Daily Show said goodbye to Williams, who is leaving to start her own show. Watch the tearful goodbye here:

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