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Why Apple-Tidal would be different from Apple-Beats | Recode Daily: July 1, 2016

No more competing for Beyonce, among other things.

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.Apple is in talks to acquire the struggling music streaming service Tidal. The logic behind such a deal? Tidal has close ties to music industry heavyweights, and the service gets exclusive streaming deals that Apple probably doesn't want to compete for anymore. A key difference from Apple's 2014 Beats acquisition was that that deal had a lot to do with bringing on executive talent.
[Dan Frommer | Recode]

.In exchange for relinquishing the right to sue Zenefits over its regulatory scandal, the company is giving its investors a larger chunk of the business and cutting its valuation by more than 50 percent, to around $2 billion.
[William Alden | BuzzFeed News]

.The government has opened an investigation into a fatal car accident from May, in which someone died in a Tesla while using its self-driving car features.
[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode]

.Because it's in the EU, British companies can store user data about EU users on British soil. Brexit threatens to change all that, in what might be the most subtle-yet-far-reaching economic consequence of last week's national referendum.
[Sam Schechner | The Wall Street Journal]

.James Cham, an investor with Bloomberg Beta who knows a thing or two about artificial intelligence, thinks that there are still a lot of significant unanswered questions about the space. On the new Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast, Cham tells Kara Swisher and Mark Bergen what to look out for.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

Streaming Music
By Peter Kafka
"We cannot stand by as Apple uses the App Store approval process as a weapon."
By Ina Fried
A Maryland appeals court ruled his lawyer failed him.
By Noah Kulwin
It’s possible that IBT Media is looking to sell Newsweek.
By Dawn Chmielewski
She said / he said.
By Dan Frommer
The deal values BAM Tech at $3.5 billion, Bloomberg reports.
Terrence Malik specializes in making movies about abstract and existential themes, less organized by conventional plot structure and more about the dueling vacuity and profundity of human existence. His upcoming IMAX flick, "Voyage of Time," is narrated by Brad Pitt, and it looks like a more philosophical "Planet Earth," give or take a few bong rips.

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