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Hillary Clinton just burned Donald Trump with the ‘delete your account’ meme on Twitter

Throwing shade, social media style.

Hillary Clinton Holds Primary Night Event In Brooklyn, New York Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In what is likely to be a preview of the general election campaign, Hillary Clinton decided to fight fire with fire today, using Twitter to deliver a smackdown to her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

Trump started the trolling session, dismissing President Obama's endorsement of Clinton's bid for the White House, using his favorite disparaging nickname for his political opponent.

Clinton, who began sharpening her attack on the Republican Party's presumptive nominee while campaigning in California last week, fired back with a classic Twitter meme.

The Twitter burn quickly became her most-shared remark, according to Twitter, clocking in at 168,000 retweets and counting.

As Fusion noted in a review of the insult’s history on Twitter, "In a short amount of time, 'delete your account’ has become the preferred response to tweets, usually made by politicians, that are tone deaf or out of touch in one way or another."

Trump, never one to let a taunt go unanswered, fired back with this:

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