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Twitter just appointed a longtime exec to head up its global media team

Ross Hoffman is the third person to fill the role in the last six months.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

Longtime Twitter exec Ross Hoffman has been tapped as Twitter's new VP of global media, according to sources, the third person to fill that role in the last six months.

Hoffman, who was most recently senior director of brand strategy and has been at the company in various roles since 2010, is taking over the media team from Nathan Hubbard, who announced he was leaving the company late last month. Hoffman will report to Ali Jafari, who now oversees all of Twitter's media and partnership efforts as part of a restructuring the company implemented last month. But while Jafari will be the big-picture boss, Hoffman will handle the day-to-day responsibilities of running media at Twitter.

A company spokesperson confirmed the move, and offered us the same comment provided earlier this week when Recode reported that the company was replacing its head of consumer product. Here it is for those interested.

"This year we’re focused on delivering on five product priorities – refining our core service, live-streaming video, creators, safety, and developers – as well as recruiting great talent. We’ve successfully increased our shipping cadence on our core service and have asked some of our top leaders to take on key roles in the other priority areas."

Hoffman's appointment is the latest in what appears to be a larger restructuring by CEO Jack Dorsey, who has been slowly rearranging teams and executives since taking the top spot in the fall. That process has been complicated by a slew of unexpected departures from top folks on staff.

LinkedIn/ Ross Hoffman

Hubbard, for example, is leaving to start his own company, sources told Recode last month. Hubbard had been running Twitter's media team since January when Katie Stanton left the company along with a number of other high-profile executives. Twitter's head of business development, Jana Messerschmidt, also announced she was leaving last month.

Hoffman came to Twitter from YouTube back in 2010, and was the key lead inside Twitter when the company acquired the social media talent agency Niche back in early 2015.

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