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Airbnb doesn't want to mess with what's working, but it is adding a few features to the service

Users now get an expanded reviews capability, group bookings and better corporate tools.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky onstage at the OpenAir 2016 conference
Noah Kulwin / Recode

Airbnb's home rental-booking service is pretty simple, and it hasn't changed (too) dramatically over the last couple years.

At its OpenAir 2016 conference today in San Francisco, the company pulled the curtain back on a few new tweaks. Airbnb VP of engineering Mike Curtis introduced a tool to let groups plan Airbnb trips together, and new features that will allow corporate customers to book stays for co-workers. Additionally, the company will be rolling out "multi-party reviews," kind of like the rider rating you get from your Uber driver.

These aren't revolutionary changes that are going to totally remake the Airbnb experience for most users. But they reflect the different ways Airbnb, one of the largest unicorn startups, wants to grow its business as it lumbers toward an eventual IPO. Below is a rundown of what's new.

Multi-party reviews

Previously on Airbnb, a host could only review the guest who actually booked the reservation. Now, Airbnb hosts will be able to write reviews of everyone who actually stayed in the listing. After group stays, hosts can write reviews that apply to the whole group. For example, if an entire group trashes an Airbnb listing and hosts a "drug-induced orgy," the host can now take steps to write a scathing review of the guests.

Corporate customer booking

Your company's travel manager will be able to book your Airbnb stay for you through Airbnb for Business, the company's corporate partnership program. Last July, Airbnb overhauled its approach to enterprise customers, and said at the time that around 10 percent of its rentals were from businesses. Global business travel is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and Airbnb wants a bigger slice of that pie.

Group booking

"Collaborative Wish Lists," or a group planning feature, is also coming to the Airbnb app. You can scope out potential Airbnb stays with friends. It sounds like fun.

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