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Primary elections 2016: results for California, New Jersey, and 4 other states

The results from primaries in six states are starting to come in, and so far Hillary Clinton has won three states: New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota.

Bernie Sanders has won two states: North Dakota and Montana.

Clinton technically clinched the Democratic nomination Monday night, according to the Associated Press. The presidential primaries don't wrap up until next week, when the District of Columbia votes. And congressional primaries continue throughout the summer.

Still, this is the last Super Tuesday until the most super Tuesday of all, the general election. Here's where things stand so far.

New Jersey: Clinton wins

Delegates at stake: 126 Democratic delegates, 51 Republican delegates

California: Polls close 8 pm Pacific (11 pm Eastern)

Delegates at stake: 475 Democratic delegates, 172 Republican delegates

The polls predict: Clinton held a strong lead in California all year, but in the past week Sanders has been closing in. A Sanders victory is highly unlikely to change the course of the presidential race, which the AP reported Monday night that Clinton had already clinched, but it would be an upset given Clinton's strength among nonwhite voters. The RealClearPolitics polling average currently has Clinton leading by 2 points.

Montana: Sanders wins

Delegates at stake: 21 Democratic delegates, 27 Republican delegates

New Mexico: Clinton wins

Delegates at stake: 34 Democratic delegates, 24 Republican delegates

North Dakota: Sanders wins

Only Democrats are caucusing in North Dakota today.

Delegates at stake: 12

South Dakota: Clinton wins

Delegates at stake: 20 Democratic delegates, 29 Republican delegates

Watch: Bernie Sanders will continue his campaign

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