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Ellen Pao has a book deal for her memoir about Silicon Valley's 'toxic culture'

It's called "Reset."

Ellen Pao in San Francisco last year
Justin Sullivan / Getty

Last spring, Ellen Pao set Silicon Valley ablaze with her gender discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, the venerated venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Pao now has a deal for a book, in which she plans to go into detail about her experiences with the "toxic culture that pervades the tech industry." Random House imprint Spiegel & Grau has acquired Pao's memoir, titled "Reset," and you can read a press release about it below.

Kleiner Perkins won last year's court case, but the trial triggered a heated conversation about sexism and the boys' club that is the VC industry. At the time, Pao was serving as the interim CEO of Reddit, a job she left last July.

Since then, Pao has spent serious time focused on issues of gender and racial diversity in the tech industry. Last month, she and a group of other women working in tech announced Project Include, a nonprofit effort to "to collect and share data to help diversify the rank-and-file employees who make up tech companies."

Representatives for Pao could not be reached immediately for comment. Here's the release announcing "Reset":

Ellen Pao’s RESET, a fearless first-person account exposing the toxic culture that pervades the tech industry and defined her experiences both as a Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist and Reddit CEO; in telling her story as one of the few visible, prominent women of color who have reached the C-suite in corporate America and have dared to speak out about her experience, Pao, now the founder of Project Include, aims to spark a movement to empower other women and minorities; to Emi Ikkanda as her first acquisition at Spiegel & Grau, at auction, by Albert Lee and David Kuhn at Kuhn Projects.

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