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The guy who built failed anonymous messaging app Secret is launching a new company

David Byttow is back and getting into publishing.

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David Byttow, co-founder and CEO of the defunct anonymous messaging app Secret, announced a new company on Tuesday: Bold, a publishing tool for people to write things they want to share with their co-workers.

Think of it like Medium or Wordpress but specifically for your office. You write thoughtful posts about being a great manager, and Bold makes them look pretty and helps you distribute them in your workplace. If it's a particularly great post, you can share it outside the office, too.

Eventually, Byttow will charge companies to use the platform, but not right now.

Publishing is hard, though, and Byttow is entering a particularly competitive space. Medium and Slack and LinkedIn and Facebook all let users do some kind of publishing, and most of them have a focus on inter-office collaboration, too. Plus they already have massive audiences, and people like to write things they know others can find and read.

Bold is still in beta and has a few early users from companies like Patreon and Netflix, Byttow told me. He has raised $1 million from Index Ventures and is self-funding the rest.

Byttow's previous company, Secret, folded last April, and he took heat for cashing out on some of his shares before things went under. When Secret did officially close, he gave back what was left of his VC money to investors.

You can read more about his new company here.

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