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Kim Kardashian: Don’t like my naked selfies? Don’t look at them.

"I truly was baffled when people still cared. They have seen me naked 500 times!"

Asa Mathat for Recode

Kim Kardashian West credits her career to social media — which is why, even if you don't watch "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" or play the video game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you probably see a lot of her online. Just last month, the reality-TV-star-turned-digital-entrepreneur won a special Webby award for "breaking the internet."

Her acceptance speech at the Webbys: "Nude selfies till I die."

On the latest episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, Kardashian defended that internet-breaking philosophy, which has come under criticism since she became a mother. Although she is performing for her millions of followers online, she said she takes pictures for her own enjoyment over the enjoyment of others.

"My personality has never been, 'I’m such a feminist and follow me and be naked!'" Kardashian said. "If you are conservative and that’s how you are comfortable, more power to you. I respect you. You don’t have to look at what I do."

On the new podcast, she said years of scrutiny from reality TV "haters" gave her a thick skin, and that she's now "at a point where I really don't care" about what the comments say. However, she acknowledged that not everyone has the luxury of not caring.

"I don’t think a lot of people are at that phase, especially if you’re younger, you’re a teenager, and you’re a teenager growing up in a world where social media is so important and everywhere," Kardashian said. "I feel really blessed that I was able to grow up and have a normal life before I even started to be in this business."

She also discussed her hit emoji app Kimoji, developed by Los Angeles-based Whalerock Industries, which is getting a new e-commerce component soon: Merchandise based on the app's iconic and often risqué emojis.

Plus, for anyone who saw or heard Kardashian at the 2014 Code/Mobile Conference: She is, finally, almost ready to give up her BlackBerry.

"I do still love my buttons, but I think eBay has almost run out of this model," Kardashian said.

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