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Google decides on Nougat as the tastiest name for the next version of Android

That gives us something to chew on until the operating system is made final later this year.

Google has settled on Nougat as the name for Android N, the new version of the mobile operating system due out later this year,

Rather than picking the moniker entirely on its own, Google decided to crowdsource this one, opening up the naming to an online poll.

Nutella was the early favorite among the tech press, but that would have meant working with its maker. Google did that once, with KitKat, but the rest of the names have been generic.

One person particularly excited about the name choice is our own Lauren Goode, who lobbied hard for Nougat, which happens to be the name of her cat.

“While I can’t confirm whether Google named its new operating system after a cat, I will say that we campaigned hard for the name Android Nougat and are pleased with the results,” Goode told Recode. “I asked Nougat for comment as well, but he’s napping at the moment.”

The feline Nougat
Lauren Goode

Beyond the name, Android N is unique in that Google released a test version earlier than normal — offering up a developer preview in March rather than its past practice of doing so at Google I/O, its annual developer conference. Among the features are a new spilt-screen mode, improved notifications and support for Daydream, Google’s new approach to virtual reality.

Google announced the Nougat name in a series of posts to social media.

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