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This company is bringing Bible stories to virtual reality, God bless ’em

Jesus Christ.

Image from Bible-VR

When I was a church-going lad, my favorite Bible story was about Jael. As told in Judges, Jael freed the Israelites by sneaking into the tent of the enemy commander and driving a stake through his head. She “smote” him good. (These were my macabre adolescent years.)

I doubt we will see the tale of Jael from Bible-VR, a company that claims to be the first to render scripture in virtual reality. Today, it is launching an app with Google Cardboard. It’s also shooting more VR footage in Morocco and Israel to “create realistic 3-D simulations and perceptions of the Bible in the lands where it happened.”

Some may find this odd.

But there’s probably a market. (See: Gibson, Mel.) Google, Facebook and others working on VR see it as a teleportation medium — done right, the experience can take you to anyplace, anytime. And there are plenty of people who would like to travel to the land of milk, honey and smiting.

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