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7 tweets that forecast Brexit will devastate the British economy

The Economist Intelligence Unit is a think tank affiliated with the Economist magazine that forecasts economic trends around the world. In the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union — dubbed "Brexit" — it's revising its forecast for Britain’s economy. The results are not pretty:

These are huge numbers, and if these forecasts prove correct it’s going to produce a lot of political turmoil in the UK.

Of course, much depends on what happens over the next two years. It’s possible that British leaders will ultimately decide not to exit the EU. And if Brexit does occur, the terms will be important. If negotiations go well, the UK might be able to secure a deal that isn’t too different from the EU’s current membership terms. If they go poorly, the British could wind up with much worse access to Europe’s common market, with larger damage to the British economy.

What Brexit means for the pound