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Here’s what Vine’s new extended videos look like

Vine now hosts videos up to 10 minutes long.


Vine said last week that it would back down from its strict six-second video limit and start supporting longer videos inside the app. For some special creators, it would even support videos up to 10 minutes long, just like Twitter does.

Well, we spotted our first extended Vine video in the wild today — this Adult Swim episode from one of its upcoming shows, “Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio,” set to debut in a couple of weeks.

You’ll notice that the actual Vine is still six seconds long, but now includes a “watch more” button that will launch the longer video, all within the app.

In case you need a reminder, this is exactly why Vine tweaked its six-second restriction. Creators were using Vine to tease longer videos, but then directing viewers to places like Instagram or Facebook to watch the full thing. Now they don’t have to, which means Vine (theoretically) won’t lose its audience to competitors.

If you still use Vine, expect to see more of this moving forward.

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