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Twitter pulls a Snapchat and adds a bunch of stickers

You’ll soon be able to search by “visual hashtag.”


Twitter wants to appeal to the masses, so it’s borrowing an idea that seems to be working for other social platforms like Snapchat and Facebook: Stickers!

Twitter announced a feature Monday that will let users add stickers to their photos. If you click on a sticker in someone else’s photo, you’ll be transported to a timeline full of more photos that include that same sticker. Twitter calls it a “new, visual spin on the hashtag.”

We reported in March that Twitter was building some kind of sticker feature. Now it’s here.

Perhaps it will encourage people to share more pics? Or attract young people to Twitter who care about stickers? Or maybe it’s just something new and fun and stickery?

Whatever it is, you’ll be able to test it out for yourself soon. It’s “rolling out over the next few weeks” to iOS and Android users.


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