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It’s Sunday, so let’s watch a $1,400 drone drown in Coca-Cola

YouTube is weird.

The latest viral video from YouTube user TechRax raises a series of troubling questions:

"Why did you fill a swimming pool with soda?"

"Why did that guy agree to dive into a swimming pool filled with soda?"

"Why on Earth would you crash a very expensive drone into the aforementioned swimming pool filled with soda?"

All those questions and more can be answered by one number: Seven million viewers in one day, according to YouTube’s official view count.

This is the same channel that previously shot an iPhone 6 with a pistol and broke 30 iPhones with a hammer, among many other stunts of tech destruction, because YouTube:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit in the corner clutching my gadgets before some YouTuber comes to destroy them for views.

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