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The U.K. is leaving the EU, and the global economy is in crisis

A seismic geopolitical shift is under way.

"Leave" campaigner and far-right British politician Nigel Farage
"Leave" campaigner and far-right British politician Nigel Farage
Mary Turner/Getty Images

.The U.K. has shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union. Now stock markets around the globe are plummeting. Other results of the Brexit: British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation; the value of the pound has plunged to its lowest level since 1985, and Scotland and Northern Ireland, which voted solidly to remain in the EU, are talking about splitting from the U.K. The BBC's venerated World Affairs Editor called the U.K.'s vote the biggest "world change" since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
[Noah Kulwin | Recode]

.Twilio, which makes tools for software developers, successfully went public yesterday. Over the course of the day, its shares rose 92 percent and closed at $28.79. But yesterday's U.K. vote may have slammed the tech IPO window shut for the rest of the year.
[Mark Bergen | Recode]

.YouTube Red is joining Netflix, Amazon and Hulu by spending money to buy content from big media companies. They've acquired a drama based on "Step Up," the street dance movie that launched Channing Tatum's career.
[Brooks Barnes | The New York Times]

.The Internet of Things isn't here yet, but there's a good chance you have one specific robot in your home: IRobot's Roomba vacuum. On the newest Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast, Lauren Goode, Kara Swisher and Recode Editor in Chief Dan Frommer talk with iRobot VP Chris Jones about what home robots of the future will look like, and more.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

.Tesla's purchase of SolarCity means that the electric car and battery maker is assuming the solar energy company's gigantic debt burden; the two companies combined owe more than $6 billion, much of which is due next year. If this deal has any chance at succeeding, Musk will need to completely revamp SolarCity's business.
[Reed Albergotti, Steve Nellis and Martin Peers | The Information]

By Johana Bhuiyan
Uber has started to roll out upfront fares to its UberX riders across the U.S. and India.
European Union
By Noah Kulwin
She's Team Remain.
By Peter Kafka
3 million views in 26 hours.
By Noah Kulwin
MoJo is under a similar kind of attack to the one perpetrated by billionaire Peter Thiel on Gawker.
By Guido Kovalskys
More money into ed- tech — more than $3.1 billion in 2015 alone — is a win for entrepreneurs, not to mention students, parents and teachers.
By Noah Kulwin
Reminder: Silicon Valley hates Donald Trump.
The headlines are insane right now. Watch Tom Hanks use Indiana Jones-lite skills to stop a plague or something. It's unclear, but it looks stupid fun.

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