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Lindsay Lohan has the best Brexit takes

She’s Team Remain.

Lindsay Lohan in London in 2014
Tim P. Whitby / Getty

On principle, the political opinions of celebrities shouldn’t matter. Hollywood success or millions of adoring fans don’t by themselves add up to an interesting worldview, and we’d be better off not caring about what the A-list thinks.

That said, Lindsay Lohan is firing off some great tweets on the Brexit referendum. The actor and tabloid fixture firmly believes that the U.K. should stay in the EU. This puts her on the side of economists, tech people, the center-left, the center-right and pretty much anyone who doesn’t think an immigrant swarm is choking the Britishness out of Britain.

Here’s Lohan pointing out that the early results from Sunderland in favor of “leave” come from a place that was likely to go hard on “leave” anyway, and that we shouldn’t get too worked up over these votes’ impact on the value of the pound:

Here she is praising free trade and the EU single market:

And this is a well-executed burn on ex-London mayor Boris Johnson, who leads the wing of the Conservative Party that wants to bail on the EU:

It’s still extremely early in the night, and we won’t know anything for awhile yet. But thankfully we have Lindsay to help guide us through the morass.

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