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Adele is done selling her latest album, so Adele’s latest album is finally coming to Spotify

“25” should start streaming at midnight.

Michel Porro / Getty
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Last fall, Adele broke just about every sales record, ever, with her “25” album. But you couldn’t hear it on Spotify, or any other streaming service.

But that was seven months ago. Now, Adele and her label, Sony Music, are finally ready to start streaming: “25” will start appearing on Spotify at midnight tonight, market by market.

Which means if you’re reading this in Australia, you should be able to hear the album right now.

I’m assuming “25” is also coming to rival streaming services, like Apple Music. I’ll update when I hear more.

Update: Yep, Apple Music is getting it, too, and so are all the other streaming services.

Meanwhile, a reminder that this kind of “windowing” is going to remain pretty rare in the music business, unless things change radically. The music business is moving/has moved from a sales model to a streaming model, and there are only a handful of musicians with the clout to keep their stuff off the big services.

Also! Thank you, Adele, for giving me the opportunity to show this clip again.

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