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Twilio is hosting a live coding session on the New York Stock Exchange floor to watch its IPO open high

It opened at $23.99, well above its $15-a-share target.

Shares of Twilio, a software company that makes tools for developers to build voice and text functions into mobile apps, started trading on Thursday morning.

To celebrate, Twilio is building apps from inside the NSYE. A trio representing the company are suited up on the stock exchange floor to code "as many apps as they can," the company said.

Twilio is only the second tech IPO of the year. The company, whose customers include big private tech startups Uber and Airbnb, priced 10 million shares of its stock at $15 a share, a higher price than expected. Both Silicon Valley and Wall Street are watching the stock intently to see if it can give a boost to a flagging IPO market.

The stock opened at $23.99.

You can watch the live-coding on Twitch, if you are so inclined.

Watch live video from Twilio on

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