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FX renews Archer for 3 more seasons, vows to stay in the danger zone

What’s the visual equivalent of “phrasing”?

FX has officially made a commitment to stay in the danger zone, announcing today that it’s renewed the animated spy comedy Archer for not one, not two, but three more seasons.

The series wrapped up its seventh season on June 2. A particularly intense cliffhanger, paired with the fact that Archer hadn’t been renewed yet, left some fans wondering if that distressing final image (spoiler: Archer lying, seemingly dead, in a pool!) was going to be the last we’d see of the joyfully depraved Sterling Archer and his equally ridiculous co-workers.

But in its June 21 press release, FX said the plan was always to stay in business with Archer creator Adam Reed; executive producer Matt Thompson; and the duo’s production company, Floyd County, with which the network now has an overall deal for future content.

FX Original Programming co-president Nick Grad pointed out that Archer’s shaken up its own format before to keep things fresh — as with season seven’s shift from New York spying to Los Angeles private investigating — and added that "the next three seasons will be just as amazing and unpredictable."

So Archer fans, it looks like we can breathe easy. The show will come back for more exploits, cyborg hate speech, and jaw-droppingly filthy tangents in early 2017. That season will last eight episodes (versus the usual 10 or 13), with two more seasons whose premiere dates are yet to be determined.

Archer is currently available to stream on Netflix and Hulu.

Corrected to reflect that Archer has most often had 13 episode seasons. (Its first and seventh seasons had 10 episodes.)