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Donald Trump is in much worse shape than we thought | Recode Daily: June 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton's campaign has about 40 times as much cash on hand as the Donald's.

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

.Donald Trump's day went from bad to worse on Monday. First, he fired his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Then, newly released FEC filings revealed that his campaign has $1.3 million in cash on hand against Hillary Clinton's $43 million war chest. Trump's general election outlook continues to get worse and worse, and his campaign money troubles aren't going away.
[Zachary Mider | Bloomberg]

.Over the weekend, news broke that Apple (unlike other Silicon Valley heavies) would not be funding next month's Republican National Convention because of Donald Trump. But Tim Cook isn't running away from Republicans altogether; next week he is hosting a fundraiser for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and other GOP politicians.
[Noah Kulwin | Recode]

.Things continue to be topsy-turvy at the very, very troubled unicorn cloud software and insurance startup Zenefits. Another 129 employees, or around 12 percent of the staff, have taken severance offers and left the company. Zenefits' head count is now at around 900 employees, down from 1600 last year.
[William Alden | BuzzFeed News]

.Palantir, the secretive Peter Thiel-founded startup that's valued at more than $20 billion, is preparing to sue the U.S. Army over its bidding process for software contracts. It will be something of a family feud: The CIA venture investing unit In-Q-Tel is a Palantir investor, and the company works closely with other branches of the military.
[Lizette Chapman | Bloomberg]

.A longstanding obstacle to the full blossom of China and Silicon Valley's relationship has been the relentless assault of Chinese hackers on American tech companies' intellectual property. Months after a landmark agreement between Chinese and American leaders, it looks like the hackers are starting to back off.
[David E. Sanger | The New York Times]

By Mark Bergen
A new digital spending report sees mobile ads flying past desktop this year.
By Noah Kulwin
It appears the whole "destroying Gawker through litigation" thing doesn’t faze Zuck.
By Peter Kafka
$2.64 billion over six years.
By Noah Kulwin
Content funnels. Artificial intelligence. Optimize.
By Kurt Wagner
It’s Twitter’s third machine learning/AI acquisition in three years.
From Olivia Nuzzi's stellar GQ profile of Donald Trump's chief campaign flack: "[Ex-Trump advisor Sam] Nunberg maintains no feelings of warmth for [Ex-Trump campaign manager Corey] Lewandowski. 'I literally will suck the fucking blood out of his skull by the time I'm done with him.'"

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