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Facebook keeps its word, and Mark Zuckerberg keeps Peter Thiel on Facebook’s board

It appears the whole “destroying Gawker through litigation” thing doesn’t faze Zuck.

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Facebook shareholder meetings, like most major tech company shareholder meetings, are a pretty straightforward affair.

But going into today, there was one potentially interesting point of tension: Would Mark Zuckerberg reappoint investor Peter Thiel to Facebook’s board?

Well, now we have an answer. Yes, he did.

The reason that Thiel’s reappointment was ever in question was because of last month’s revelation that the billionaire and PayPal co-founder is financing efforts to sue Gawker Media out of existence.

At the Code Conference last month, Sheryl Sandberg said that Thiel’s quest to kill Gawker was not done with Facebook resources. Which means Facebook didn’t have anything to say about it.

It’s worth noting that Gawker Media is Facebook’s partner as the social media giant publishes content through Facebook Instant Articles and makes video streams for Facebook Live.

Gawker recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to avoid paying a $140 million judgment in the Hulk Hogan case, which was funded by Thiel. The company is scheduled to be sold via auction this summer.

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