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How sure is Mark Zuckerberg about keeping Peter Thiel on Facebook's board? | Recode Daily: June 20, 2016

Today, Zuck officially makes his decision.

Billionaire investor and Facebook board member Peter Thiel
Billionaire investor and Facebook board member Peter Thiel
Tyler Pina / Recode

.Facebook has maintained that investor and Donald Trump delegate Peter Thiel will stay on the company's board, even after it was revealed that Thiel is financing litigation to destroy Gawker Media, a publication (and Facebook partner) that Thiel doesn't like. At Facebook's shareholder meeting today, Mark Zuckerberg will actually make the call about whether Thiel stays or goes.
[Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.The FAA is expected to release cautious, restrictive drone rules sometime this week, but here's the key thing to know: "Agency leaders acknowledge they are playing catch-up with an industry that can roll out a new drone model in barely a few months."
[Georgia Wells and Andy Pasztor | The Wall Street Journal]

.Increasingly (and controversially), universities are relying more on startups like Coursera to provide digital alternatives to lectures and other traditional tools of education. On the new Recode Decode podcast, CEO Daphne Koller explains why it's a good thing, and how AI and virtual reality fit in.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

.Apple is pulling the symbolic amount of financial support it provides for the Republican National Convention, because the Republican candidate is Donald Trump, who once called for a boycott of Apple products because they're made in China.
[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode]

.The music industry is stepping up the pressure on YouTube, with a new letter to Congress co-signed by Taylor Swift, U2 and a litany of other music heavyweights. The music guys really don't like YouTube, which labels and artists think is too soft on policing copyrighted content and sharing revenue. For more on that, here's music manager and power broker Irving Azoff.
[Peter Kafka | Recode]

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