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Secretive startup Magic Leap teams with Lucasfilm and has a ‘Star Wars’ clip to show for it

“We have not yet completed the mission!”

88th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage And Audience Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

In a galaxy far, far away we may get to see Magic Leap’s actual device.

Until then, we’ll probably keep getting videos from the stealthy, heavily funded startup of what — they tell us — images shot on their "mixed reality" technology look like.

The latest is from "Star Wars." It’s a short clip promoting a new "strategic partnership" between Magic Leap and Lucasfilm, the production company behind the film and cottage industry, announced on Thursday at the Wired Business Conference.

The startup is linking with Lucasfilm’s experimental arm and opening a "collab lab" in San Francisco, giving Magic Leap its first presence in the city. (Its headquarters are in Florida and it has an engineering office in Mountain View.) Not many other details were shared about what the pair will work on, including financial arrangements, if any.

Magic Leap has raised nearly $1.4 billion from tech forces, like Google and Alibaba, and the entertainment industry to produce its platform for splicing digital images — like C-3PO and R2-D2 here — with the real world. They haven’t shown the real world how they do this yet. But the few I’ve talked to who have seen and tried Magic Leap’s device are blown away by it.

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