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Here’s the leaked opposition research document on Donald Trump that’s circulating the web

The document calls Trump a “liar” and someone who is “loyal only to himself.”

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Atlanta Photo by Branden Camp/Getty Images

Curious about what dirt the Democratic National Committee dug up on Donald Trump?

A hacker, identifying himself as Guccifer 2.0 (in a nod to the Romanian hacker responsible for a number of high-level breaches), leaked what is purported to be a 237-page opposition research report on Trump to The Smoking Gun and Gawker.

We asked the DNC to confirm its authenticity, but have yet to hear back. But it certainly appears to be the real deal, with its knocks on Trump as a liar, a person who’s loyal only to himself, a bad businessman and a candidate whose campaign is defined by offensive and extreme immigration rhetoric.

Here it is, for your perusal:

When asked why he would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump recently, Mark Andreessen cited Trump’s science denial as a principal reason. The document cites several examples of Trump’s rejection of commonly-held beliefs about the environment. For instance:

Donald Trump Declared, "You Can’t Get Hurt By Extreme Weather," Then Tweeted His Support For The More Than 12 People Killed By Flooding In South Carolina. "Donald Trump sent out prayers to those affected by the deadly flooding in South Carolina on Monday, just weeks after telling voters people aren't hurt from extreme weather. As of Monday night, there have been a total of 13 storm related deaths in South Carolina and North Carolina combined. ‘Thoughts and prayers for those in the floods affecting the great people of South Carolina,’ Trump tweeted Monday in the wake of the floods. But two weeks ago in Dallas, Trump told supporters ‘you can't get hurt with extreme weather,’ as he dismissed President Barack Obama's argument that extreme weather as a result of climate change poses a threat to America." [CNN, 10/5/15]

At the beginning of the year, Arik Hesseldahl picked apart Trump’s attack on Apple for manufacturing its devices in China. This document refers to those attacks as well:


• ABC News: "In His Campaign Kickoff On Tuesday, Donald Trump Blasted Cheap Chinese Goods — But He Has No Problem Putting His Name On Them And Selling Them." "In his campaign kickoff on Tuesday, Donald Trump blasted cheap Chinese goods — but he has no problem putting his name on them and selling them. The day after his tirade, the Trump Store inside the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York boasted an array of imported goods, including teddy bears and T-shirts from China alongside products from Haiti, Nicaragua and Lesotho. Trump mentioned China two-dozen times in the opener to his 2016 presidential bid, accusing that country and Mexico of putting Americans out of work. ‘They can’t get jobs, because there are no jobs, because China has our jobs and Mexico has our jobs,’ Trump said." [ABC News, 6/17/15]

Trump's stand on immigration — especially his calls to stop Muslims from entering the country following the San Bernardino attack, and, more recently the mass shooting in Orlando — has antagonized Silicon Valley. The DNC singles this out as a weakness, as well:

Trump’s campaign is fueled by extreme, xenophobic and sometimes dangerous rhetoric about immigration. Trump doesn’t just oppose comprehensive immigration reform like his fellow GOPers, he vilifies immigrants for political gain and proposes outrageous solutions based on absurd and false information.

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