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Apple CEO Tim Cook opens its developers conference with a moment of silence for Orlando terror victims

Cook condemns the shooting as a “senseless, unconscionable act of terrorism.'“

Apple Introduces New Products Justin Sullivan / Getty

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook, his voice choked with emotion, opened the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with a moment of silence for those killed in the terrorist attack in Orlando.

Cook took the stage to express sympathy to those touched by what he called a "senseless, unconscionable act of terrorism and hate" that claimed the lives of some 50 people, and wounded at least 50 more, in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub.

"At Apple, we celebrate our diversity. We know that it makes us stronger and moves everyone forward," said Cook, who spoke publicly about his own sexuality as part of his efforts to promote human rights.

Then, his voice seemingly breaking, Cook invited the thousands of people attending WWDC in San Francisco to stand and "join us in a moment of silence to honor the victims and the people who love them."

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