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Full video: Didi President Jean Liu and Grab CEO Anthony Tan at Code 2016

The race to own the ride-sharing business is on.

Didi Chuxing President Jean Liu and Grab Group CEO Anthony Tan talked with The Verge's Walt Mossberg and Recode's Kara Swisher at the 2016 Code Conference about operating ride-hailing services in China and Singapore, respectively. Since December, the two companies have partnered with Lyft and one another in what some have called an anti-Uber alliance. Here's the full video of the interview.

And via our podcast Recode Replay, here is the full audio of Liu's and Tan's appearance:

They discussed why they still subsidize ride-sharing prices even though they have raised ample cash, including, in Didi's case, $1 billion from Apple. Tan also announced that Lyft's global fleet will now be accessible through Grab's app.

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