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Here’s who to follow for the best information on the Orlando shooting

Journalists on the ground at the scene and around the world are tracking the story.

At Least 50 Dead In Mass Shooting At Gay Nightclub In Orlando Gerardo Mora / Getty

A mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando has left at least 50 dead and 53 wounded. Reliable news on the situation can be hard to come by, though, as chatter on social media quickly turns to rumor and speculation.

Here’s a list of journalists, some on the ground in Orlando, others based elsewhere in the world, who are following the various threads of the story.

Christal Hayes is on the ground in Orlando for the local daily newspaper The Orlando Sentinel. She’s on Twitter @Journo_Christal

The Orlando Police department has been using its Twitter account at @OrlandoPolice to share information and has been broadcasting its press conferences on Periscope.

Pete Williams, the national security correspondent for NBC News (which is an investor in Recode’s parent company Vox Media) has been leading the pack with well-sourced reports from Washington. A few minutes ago he reported that the shooter apparently pledged allegiance to the Islamic terror group ISIS in a 911 call before the shooting began.

Matt Pearce at the Los Angeles Times has done a nice job pulling together an aggregated view of the story as it has developed. He's on Twitter at @mattdpearce.

National security correspondent Adam Goldman and Julie Tate of the Washington Post have a revealing early look into the life of the confirmed shooter Omar Mateen. They interviewed his ex-wife, who described him as "not a stable person" who "beat me." Goldman is on Twitter at @adamgoldmanwp and Tate is at @JulieATate.

Rukimini Callimachi, a correspondent for the New York Times who follows al-Qaeda and ISIS, has been following the threads of the story connected to Islamic extremism, which are not yet fully confirmed. In the tweet below she notes that an ISIS daily news bulletin made no mention of the attack. She’s on Twitter at @rcallimachi

President Obama just addressed the nation in a statement from the White House. Here’s video from NBC News.

Elsewhere, Max Bearak of the Washington Post has an interesting story on the background of the shooter's father: He’s apparently a figure on the fringes of Afghan politics and has a YouTube channel. It’s unclear how much influence he could have with only 63 subscribers. Still, he declared himself a candidate for the Afghan presidency, though his delivery in the videos, which are in the Dari language, is described at times as "incoherent."

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