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Slack was down for 90 minutes today, which means people made fun of it on Twitter

A FOMO epidemic sweeps through countless offices.

Slack, the cloud-based office messaging tool used by more than three million people every day is experiencing what is at least a partial outage to the service.

And as usually happens in these situations, people affected by it all took to Twitter to make a little fun. As of about 11:25 am PT it was said to be coming back up, though residual problems are still ongoing. You can check its status here.

Slack’s latest message about the outage at 11:36 AM said the service and its API were "...confirmed to be functioning well,” but that the fix had affected uploads and downloads of files. “They may be very slow or fail outright and we are implementing a fix for this problem immediately.”

And this from our own Peter Kafka:

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