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Google Chromecast topples Apple TV in sales and will keep its lead, says this report

Both have that sticky Amazon problem, though.

Google Holds Press Event Announcing New Products Justin Sullivan / Getty

Google’s best-selling hardware device has sold more than its competing Apple device — and that lead will continue.

That’s according to a new report from IHS. The research firm reports that Google’s Chromecast media streaming dongle shipped 3.2 million units during the first quarter, beating the 1.7 million units of the pricier Apple TV, flipping the market position for the first time.

“We anticipate that this reversal will persist,” IHS analyst Merrick Kingston wrote.

Chromecast, which goes for $35 a pop, is a key part of Google’s media and home products strategy. But Cast, along with Apple TV, suffers from a big blockade in distribution: Amazon booted both devices from its store in October, and it hasn’t changed its mind.

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