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Another high-profile Twitter user appears to have been hacked: #Blacklivesmatter activist DeRay Mckesson

No one is safe.

Asa Mathat

Change your Twitter passwords, people!

Social activist DeRay Mckesson, who is well known for his role as a member of the #Blacklivesmatter movement, is the latest of many high-profile Twitter users to have their account hacked this week.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hacked on Twitter earlier this week. So was the official NFL account, and even Twitter co-founder and Medium CEO Ev Williams. Now it’s Mckesson’s turn.

Twitter hasn't confirmed the hack and neither has Mckesson, but it was incredibly obvious to anyone who knows or follows @deray. The hacker wrote, among other things, that Mckesson supports Donald Trump for president. A separate tweet read, "I’m not actually black."

No, Mckesson does not support Donald Trump for president. Yes, he is black. And all of those tweets were deleted. Mckesson is used to being a target on Twitter. When he appeared earlier this month onstage at the Code Conference with his close friend and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he said he has had to block more than 19,000 people on the service.

This has been a terrible week for Twitter. In addition to the three high-profile hacks, Twitter has been alerting millions of other users that their accounts may be vulnerable to hackers thanks to a recent leak of username/password combos floating around the web.

Twitter told the Wall Street Journal that those records weren’t stolen from Twitter, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t legit.

So we repeat: Change your Twitter passwords, people!

Update: Mckesson has clearly had a long day, but he has learned how the hacker infiltrated his account:

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