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Bloomberg just hired 22-year-old Apple scoop machine Mark Gurman

Gurman graduated college last month.


Over the last few years, Mark Gurman has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for Apple product scoops. And now he's taking his talents to Bloomberg.

Gurman has broken stories on the iPad, Siri and almost every other device in the Apple catalogue. Tech Insider reported earlier today that Gurman was leaving his perch at 9to5Mac. According to a memo sent to Bloomberg staff from editor Brad Stone, he will be joining Bloomberg to cover consumer products, including those made by Apple rivals like Google and Amazon.

Gurman graduated from the University of Michigan last month, and he will be based in San Francisco. You can read Stone's memo below:

Colleagues, I'm excited to announce that renowned Apple reporter Mark Gurman will be joining Bloomberg's Global Technology Team to cover consumer products from the biggest names in tech.

Mark's story is one of the most remarkable in technology journalism. As a high school sophomore in Los Angeles in 2010, he became one of the most prolific and authoritative Apple writers on the internet, first as a contributor and then a senior editor at the website 9to5Mac. He's appeared on Bloomberg TV and other broadcast outlets and his many scoops on the iPhone and other products have been cited and followed extensively.

Mark graduated in May from the University of Michigan with a focus on information technology and entrepreneurship. He's been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, listed among the top 25 bloggers by Time Magazine and singled out as one of 16 people to watch in consumer tech by Wired.

At Bloomberg, Mark will widen his coverage area to include consumer electronics and other services not only created by Apple but also Google, Facebook, Amazon and other top tech players. He will contribute to Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg's growing stable of podcasts, and his work will be central to the launch of Bloomberg's new digital technology brand, being spearheaded by Aki Ito. He'll be based in San Francisco and start later this summer.

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