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Apple released an ad for Siri on the same day Siri creators debuted their better-than-Siri AI assistant

Siri won't let Viv steal the show.


On Monday morning, two creators of Apple's Siri unfurled their newest creation, Viv — voice assistant tech meant to exceed Siri's capabilities.

Apple didn't put out an official response. It did, however, just happen to put out an ad for the iPhone 6s. Therein, Neil Patrick Harris shows off Siri's capabilities.

Viv is receiving considerable buzz due to its founders and stealthy origins (four years under wraps). Viv's promise is its ability to integrate advanced voice assistance with other apps and platforms, like Amazon's Echo device.

Here is CEO Dag Kittlaus demonstrating Viv's functionality with Uber at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

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