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Introducing the new Recode


Hello — your new editor here. I'm excited to welcome you to the new, totally redesigned Recode, now almost a year since we joined Vox Media.

First, the elephant in the room: Yes, we're losing the slash. Re/code is now Recode.

You'll find that sort of simplification throughout our redesign, now on Vox Media's Chorus publishing system. We have a sharp new logo designed by Cory Schmitz, the same designer behind Facebook’s Oculus branding. We've also removed a bunch of unnecessary website features and decluttered our layout.

That doesn't mean we're going to get boring! Expect more big scoops, smart analysis, features and profiles, plus charts, essays, more podcasts and a push into video. For this week's launch, we've prepared several articles and interviews we're particularly proud of. These include Kurt Wagner's profile on Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel; an open letter to YouTube by legendary recording-artist manager Irving Azoff; a podcast interview between our founders Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg; and more to come.

Where we're going

The big picture: It is an especially exciting time to be working in tech journalism.

After years where tech was covered as a thing, it's now a crucial part of everything. For brands like Recode, that is both a huge opportunity and a challenge. It means we must learn new fields, develop new types of storytelling and inform and entertain different people. But as tech reshapes every industry, it's a natural opportunity to drive Recode's expansion. See, for example, our new transportation section, anchored by Johana Bhuiyan, where we cover a massive, fast-changing business with tech as our lens.

Building off our initial internet and media focus, I'm increasingly fascinated with topics like robotics, food tech, artificial intelligence, the business of space and the future of work. We will also expand our international coverage. One of my favorite projects over the past few years was reporting from Toshiba's high-tech indoor lettuce farm outside of Tokyo, built in a former floppy-disk fabrication clean room. More of this is on the way.

Many thanks to our talented colleagues at Vox Media who pulled off this transformation in record time. These include Lauren Rabaino, Georgia Cowley, Warren Schultheis, Courtney Leonard, Todd Bernard, Bo Hee Kim, Sarah Taylor, Cory Williams, Krissy Kingwood, Pete Mall, Adam Tow, Hart Van Santvoord, Nate Edwards, Ally Palanzi, David Zhou, Ben Alt, Kyle Keller and Melissa Bell.

Join us

While you're here, please subscribe to Recode on Twitter and Facebook, our Recode Radio podcasts and the Recode Daily newsletter. And let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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