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Stephen Colbert has some ideas for how Hillary Clinton can defeat Donald Trump

With Donald Trump the presumptive Republican nominee, Hillary Clinton is now doing her best to win over anti-Trump Republicans — "also known as the US Congress," Stephen Colbert joked on his show Thursday.

In a segment last night, Colbert offered Clinton some advice on how to do just that:

  1. "Remind Republicans that no one has been more angry with Bill Clinton than you."
  2. "Don't yell; they'll say you sound shrill. But don't be too calm; they'll say you're an ice queen. Other than that, just be yourself."
  3. "Say something that makes you relatable to Republicans — for instance, 'I don't like Ted Cruz.'"
  4. "Remember all the mean things you said about Barack Obama when you were running against him in 2008? Start saying them again."

As silly as some of the advice may be, behind it is an important point: The Republican establishment doesn't like Trump, but it also has some very negative feelings about Clinton. Taking that on to win over what Clinton calls "thoughtful Republicans" — to solidify her lead in the general election — will be a hard task.

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