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Watch: The Daily Show tries to reason with overzealous Bernie Sanders supporters

If you say anything negative about Bernie Sanders on the internet, it won't be long until you're labeled a shill for Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, The Daily Show took on this trend. When host Trevor Noah tried to raise some questions about Sanders's policies and chances in the Democratic primaries, he hit some roadblocks.

As Noah started, correspondent Desi Lydic appeared on the scene, crashing a pair of cymbals to create a distraction. "I think we all know you meant that there's nothing wrong with Bernie Sanders. We love him and all of his policies," she said. "Trevor, have you ever pissed off Bernie Sanders supporters? It's like poking a hornet's nest — a hornet's nest with student debt. Can't you just do something less controversial — like, I don't know, draw a picture of Mohammed on a pig?"

Noah kept trying. He pointed out that the delegate math just doesn't look good for Sanders, that his health care plan initially promised to save more on drugs than the country even spends, and—

Again, he was interrupted. "Hey, everybody! It's your 100 percent Bernie bro Ronny Chieng here," Chieng appeared in full pro-Sanders clothing. "Not Trevor Noah. Don't know him. Don't agree with him. Send your threatening Twitter rants to @TrevorNoah, not me."

Ultimately, Noah was completely cut off, as Susan Sarandon appeared onscreen. "Feel the Bern, Trevor," she said, pulling the plug on The Daily Show's set. "Sarandon out."

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