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Welcome to The Void, a full-body virtual reality simulation

Illusion built on the age-old techniques of magicians.

The Void

Just a few minutes south of Salt Lake City, along the edge of Utah Lake, a massive industrial corridor wraps around Interstate 15. Up the road a piece from Intermountain Turbine, just around the corner from Pacific Bridge & Steel, in the looming shadow of the Wasatch mountain range, is a slim commercial building.

And inside that building is a portal to an alternate dimension. It’s called The Void, and it’s the most exciting virtual reality experience I’ve had yet.

The Void isn’t like other VR systems you might have heard of. It is a full-body simulation, and it is completely wireless. What that means is you’re not seated in The Void, like you are in most Oculus Rift experiences. You’re not standing and walking around inside a tiny virtual cube, like you are with the HTC Vive. With The Void, you are completely free to go wherever you want within the bounds of the simulation.

Here’s how it works.

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