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These key Republican figures say they are voting for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump

As Donald Trump all but solidified his Republican presidential nomination in Indiana Tuesday, the #NeverTrump movement was forced to come to terms with a harsh reality: that Democrat Hillary Clinton may be the only way to stop Trump.

Since the chair of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, called Trump the "presumptive GOP nominee," some key Republican figures have made it clear they are not voting for Trump — ever.

Among others, Republican Sen. John McCain's top aide, Mark Salter, told MSNBC that Clinton is "the more conservative choice and the least reckless one," taking to Twitter to make his allegiances more clear:

Tony Fratto, the deputy press secretary under former President George W. Bush, tweeted that he too was "never ever ever ever ever" going to vote for Trump:

RedState blog's editor Ben Howe tweeted, "I am no longer a Republican," clarifying whom he would be voting for in November:

And Philip Klein, the managing editor of the conservative newspaper the Washington Examiner, said he had "officially de-registered" from the Republican Party.

Priebus, on CNN's New Day, said he knows it "will take some time" until the Republican Party will be able to rally around Trump.

But early polling in late February from Rasmussen Reports found that 60 percent of Republicans said they would vote for Trump if he were the nominee. In April, Washington Post/ABC polls found 56 percent of Republicans supported Trump.

So when Trump says he is unifying the Republican Party, he is not too far off the mark: most Republicans say they could vote for Trump, and, more so, most Republicans really dislike Clinton.