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Here's why Amazon isn't selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast streaming products

Jeff Bezos said he wanted "acceptable business terms."

Back in October, Amazon made a bold move. It booted two products — the Apple TV and Google Chromecast streaming devices — that compete with Amazon's streaming device from its online store.

Asked why, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wouldn't answer directly. "Private business discussions should stay private," he said at the Code Conference on Tuesday evening.

But he offered a hint, suggesting that Google and Apple were demanding terms that the e-retail giant refused to swallow.

"[W]hen we sell those devices, we want our player — our Prime Video player — to be on the device, and we want it to be on the device with acceptable business terms," he said. "You can always get the player on the device. The question is, can you get it on there with acceptable business terms?"

Bezos claimed he didn't know whether Amazon sells the Apple TV streaming device. It doesn't.

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